Wichita, Kansas | J.Fay Photography | Now Offering Print Services


Where is the best place to get your professional pictures printed? The answer may not be what you would expect.

The answer is? Through a professional photographer that offers print services.

Why? I could give you a technical answer about calibrating computers and such, but it really comes down to me knowing what products make my art look it’s best. This comes from me trying out different options available to me as a professional and finding one that has beautiful options that my customers will love, like in the picture above! These are just a few samples I now have for you to see and feel in person when ordering products through me (the picture doesn’t do them justice)!

Can I print my pictures if you did not take the picture? Yes! If you have digital images from another photographer or even one you took yourself, I can print them. I do require a signed print release from the photographer if I did not take them.

I was so excited to see my images on a physical product instead of just on a computer or phone, and know you as well would be amazed at the quality of these products and to see those beautiful photos of your loved ones on your wall or desk every day!

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